Xiaonan Lu

Xiaonan Lu, PhD, Associate Professor, Mc Gill University, Ian & Jayne Munro Chair in Food Safety, Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry


Dr. Lu is from Tianjin, China. After study in Tianjin No.1 Middle School (1997-2003), he received his BSc (Food Science) from Ocean University of China in 2007 and PhD (Food Science with minor in Analytical Chemistry) from Washington State University in 2011. He was a postdoctoral fellow in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University before he joined the University of British Columbia (UBC) as Assistant Professor in January 2013, leading UBC’s Food Safety & Health Engineering Laboratory. He received tenure with promotion to Associate Professor in June 2017. In 2020, his research group moved to McGill University. He is appointed as Ian & Jayne Munro Chair in Food Safety, leading McGill’s Food Safety and Quality Program. He is currently a senior editor of Microbiological Research, an associate editor of BMC Microbiology, and an editorial board member of Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Trends in Food Science & Technology, Journal of Food Science, ACS Food Science & Technology, etc. His lab has interest in developing innovative and rapid sensing, instrumentation systems and detection methods for ensuring food safety as well as preventing food bioterrorism and fraud. His lab also applies molecular biology and genomic approaches to investigate stress response and pathogenesis of microorganisms that pose threats to agri-food systems and public health. Recently, his lab has started 1) food synthetic biology and cellular agriculture that allow for the production of food with higher and tailored nutritional value, food with longer shelf life and devoid of harmful ingredients (e.g. allergens) and 2) investigation of the interaction between food components and gut microbiota.