Walter Vetter and Stephanie Krauß

Walter Vetter is professor of Food Chemistry at the University of Hohenheim since 2002 ( In 2008, he was appointed Honorary Professor at the University of Queensland (Australia). He is founding member and Vice President of the Society of Nutrition and Food Science (SNFS, and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of NFS Journal ( He received the Edward Chou Award (2016, Chicago, USA) and the AOCS Herbert J. Dutton Award (2018, Minneapolis, USA). His research fields cover lipid analysis (by GC/MS), determination of polyhalogenated compounds in food and environmental samples, stable isotope analysis, enantiomer separations and countercurrent chromatography. In these fields, he has published more than 300 original papers in peer-reviewed journals along with some book chapters and review articles.

Stephanie Krauß studied Food Chemistry at the University of Hohenheim and finished her doctoral thesis in the working group of Prof. Vetter, where she was involved in the “FoodProfiling” project. Her talk at the “15th Meeting of the Stable Isotope Mass Spectrometry Users Group“ (SIMSUG, 2019, Bristol, UK) was honored and she received the Prof. Wild Award for her excellent doctoral thesis in 2021 (University of Hohenheim, Germany). She published 12 original papers with focus on stable isotope analysis as well as free and esterified phytol and tocochromanols in food. After the completion