Alberto Valdés, PhD

Department of Bioactivity and Food Analysis
Institute of Food Science Research (CIAL-CSIC)
Nicolás Cabrera 9, Campus UAM Cantoblanco
28049 Madrid – SPAIN

Alberto Valdés is graduated in Food Science and Technology at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). In 2016 he got his Ph.D. thesis in Biology and Food Sciences at the Institute of Food Science Research – National Research Council (CIAL-CSIC) (Spain). From 2016 to 2018 he was a Post-Doctoral researcher in the Analytical Chemistry department at Uppsala University (Sweden). From 2018 to 2020 he was a Post-Doctoral researcher in the Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Chemical Engineering department at the University of Alcalá (Spain), and for 7 months he was a Visitor Scientist in the Fiehn Laboratory at UC Davis, NIH West Coast Metabolomics Center (USA). Currently he is a Post-Doctoral researcher in the Foodomics Laboratory at CIAL-CSIC. His research activity is focused on (i) the development and application of advanced analytical methods to identify and quantify the effect of natural food ingredients, natural extracts or foods, on the transcriptome, proteome and metabolome of different models (in vitro and in vivo); (ii) the identification of the signal transduction pathways and metabolic processes affected, the mechanisms of action, and the discovery of potential (bio)markers altered by those compounds using bioinformatics tools; and (iii) the development and application of different targeted and untargeted methods to study metabolomics changes using high resolution mass spectrometry.
His scientific work is reflected in a total of 41 scientific articles published in high impact index journals included in the SCI and 10 book chapters published in prestigious editorials. He has participated as team member in 7 competitive National R+D projects. The results obtained in his research career have derived in several contributions to national and international conferences, with 3 invited lectures, 10 oral communications and 10 communications in poster format presented by himself.